Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Jewels and Blooms

I've been itching to do this for ages, my very own photo shoot, it has just taken meeting the right people to make it happen. My co-conspirators: photographer Caro Weiss, Di from Myrtle and Bracken, Alexis Miller hair and make-up and Steph our model. All, bar Steph, a doctor in real life, are fellow Glasgow Wedding Collective members and all, including Steph, are VERY good at what they do. I have been developing a lot if new work lately and it's great to be able to communicate a bit of the mood and style I am aiming for when I'm designing. 
'Relaxed elegance' was our theme for the shoot and although we didn't want things getting too weddingy we wanted a romantic feel. Our location was an undeveloped part of my studio building the Briggait. All of the props and the clothes are my own, including the cozy grey Yungi blanket, welcomed by Steph on the chilly January day. Di made gorgeous oversized floral head pieces and Alexis did beautifully subtle make-up and loosely pinned hair. Then Caro set to work telling stories with her camera as she does so well. I am absolutely in love with the resulting pictures and can not wait to scatter them all over my website and beyond. Enjoy x




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