Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I Have Moved!

After 8 years in Glasgow my family and I have finally made the move to the countryside we have been talking about for ages. We've set up home in the Dumfriesshire village of Thornhill with my workshop at the end of the street at the back of the old Virginhall Church, now the shop Zitan. Having grown up in the area I am looking forward to re-establishing links with old friends and becoming part of the vibrant arts scene. 

I will be welcoming customers to the workshop to discuss commissions by appointment or I'm happy to meet in Glasgow which is just over an hours drive away. 

I can now be found at:
23A Townhead Street

Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Summer Garden

OK so we haven't had the greatest of Summers in Scotland so far but I'm hoping a Summer Garden theme for my latest photo shoot will help to bring some sunshine our way. I was working, with the ever talented photographer Caro Weiss who has taken the loveliest shots for me over the last couple of years (see some here and here). We had a hugely inspiring day at the Secret Herb Garden just outside Edinburgh which is THE most beautiful place scattered with vintage treasures and lush greenery. We were joined by hair and makeup girls from The Pro-Bridal Team Scotland (as the name suggests, they are total pros) and the gorgeous Domi as our model. Here's a sneak peek of some of the photos but there will be LOTS more scattered over my website very soon. You'll spot some new pieces which will be available to buy in my online shop over the coming of months. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My New Precious Metal Colour Chart

I'm always keen to help customers make the right choice when it comes to getting a wedding ring. So my new Metal Colour Chart allows you to compare the subtle differences in colour between the precious metal alloys.

Each alloy has a slightly different colour depending to what it contains. For example 9ct yellow gold has a high silver content so is a creamy yellow compared to 18ct yellow gold's richness. 

The Metal Colour Chart can now be found within my Guide to Buying Your Wedding Ring which contains lots more useful information to help you choose the right ring. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Instagram Inspirations

I'm always photographing pretty things and the prettiest make it into Instagram. Here are some recent 'white on white' favourites...
Detail at Denise Zygladlo's studio during Spring Fling

A church radiator in Dumfriesshire

Our heirloom ladders 

Home details

Wall mounted pressed hydrangea flowers at the Leaf Works studio during Spring Fling

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Catkin Poem

It's nearly April and, although I'm not quite ready to discard my winter coat, glimmers of Spring are appearing. Catkin flowers adorn bare branches and new life emerges. 

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Alder Catkins, Walberswick

I was approached over two years ago by poet Lesley Jackson who was interested in writing a series of poems about my practise. Over this time we have sent many long emails back and forth as she gradually condensed my ramble into concise prose. Today I'm excited to share her first piece which is about the Catkin Wedding Ring

Photo by Caro Weiss

I initially conceived this design as my own wedding ring and since then have developed the idea into my main jewellery collection

Photo by Caro Weiss

Lesley has beautifully captured the thought and meaning behind this one tiny ring whilst enriching the piece with her own findings. 

Catkin by Lesley Jackson

At first it is just a memory
of a jewellery store 
an antique ring on a woman’s hand
more than a decade before
and a desire to create something
significant, eternal: 
A wedding ring.

Then the long hours it takes
to heat, solder, shape and wait
until the metal cools 
and a soft sheen and pattern
is revealed. A delicate row of scales
I call Catkin.

To me it speaks of Spring,
the days the catkin throws 
his future to the wind. His lambs tail
unfurled, he spurns all passing bees
to find his flower, modest as a bud
among Hazel, Oak, Hornbeam, Beech.

The pattern whispers ‘life’, ‘a new
beginning’. Yet not just this. 
The catkin’s age-old power to protect 
is inextricably woven in, its wish
to welcome love and luck.
All this. Rooted in the ring.

This year I have added the Gents Catkin Wedding Ring to my collection. Like the ladies version it is available in 9 & 18ct yellow, white or rose gold, platinum and palladium.

Photo by Caro Weiss

Also I will soon be launching two more delicate ladies versions of the Catkin design so keep an eye on my website

Sunday, 25 January 2015


It takes a big leap of faith for someone to buy a ring that they have only ever seen on line, especially if it's a wedding ring which they're going to wear for the rest of they're life. That's why I try to be as thoroughly descriptive as I can on my website, with detailed photos, dimensions and information on metal choices, shapes and styles. This has served me well but there was always a gap, often people want to see what the rings being worn. 

So, as my only previous option was to send the unsuspecting customers a quick picture of the ring on my gnarled hands (poor them) I have now had some pro shots done on rather more elegant hands. For these photos I have collaborated again with my friend the very talented photographer and like minded aesthetic soul Caro Weiss who I did a shoot with this time last year. We worked in the same beautifully naturally lit space in my studio building, the Briggait, and had similar styling. 

The hands in question I'm pleased to say are skilled ones: Cecilia Stamp, our female model, is a fellow jeweller, check out her lovely wears here. Cecilia's boyfriend Greg, a dentist, was our slightly reluctant male model who I think I may have traumatized by sending him for his first ever manicure, sorry Greg ;) 

But thank you so much to the both of you and a million thank yous again to Caro because I am thrilled with the results...

You may notice some new rings in there, they'll be online very soon. Plus I will share some still life shots from the shoot in a couple of weeks. xx