Sunday, 25 January 2015


It takes a big leap of faith for someone to buy a ring that they have only ever seen on line, especially if it's a wedding ring which they're going to wear for the rest of they're life. That's why I try to be as thoroughly descriptive as I can on my website, with detailed photos, dimensions and information on metal choices, shapes and styles. This has served me well but there was always a gap, often people want to see what the rings being worn. 

So, as my only previous option was to send the unsuspecting customers a quick picture of the ring on my gnarled hands (poor them) I have now had some pro shots done on rather more elegant hands. For these photos I have collaborated again with my friend the very talented photographer and like minded aesthetic soul Caro Weiss who I did a shoot with this time last year. We worked in the same beautifully naturally lit space in my studio building, the Briggait, and had similar styling. 

The hands in question I'm pleased to say are skilled ones: Cecilia Stamp, our female model, is a fellow jeweller, check out her lovely wears here. Cecilia's boyfriend Greg, a dentist, was our slightly reluctant male model who I think I may have traumatized by sending him for his first ever manicure, sorry Greg ;) 

But thank you so much to the both of you and a million thank yous again to Caro because I am thrilled with the results...

You may notice some new rings in there, they'll be online very soon. Plus I will share some still life shots from the shoot in a couple of weeks. xx

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