Thursday, 30 October 2014

Reflections on MADE

A week ago today I was setting up my first London craft fair since having my little one and wondering if my work was still relevant. With my old annual London fair, Origin, no longer in existence it took a bit if research to work out where I would fit. MADE London came up trumps with its central location and variety of high quality exhibitors, including lots of the friends I've missed greatly these past three years. I was showing quite different work from when I was last in London so was keen to see how it would be received.

And, thank goodness, all was good. It was a busy three day show with the right kind of people milling and buying. The new work didn't seem to be as big a leap as I'd feared with it getting a great response and people saying it could still be identified as mine. Plus I was pleased with how my finely tuned new display looked. 

was uncharacteristically restrained on the shopping front but now have added lots of hand crafted goodies to my Christmas list. I wished I'd photographed more but here are just three of my favourites from the other exhibitors.

I am a firm believer that tea tastes better from a beautiful cup and Mizuyo Yamashita's tactile ceramics would definitely fit the bill. 

I have seen bits and bobs of Emily Kidson's jewellery online but this was the first I'd seen it up close, I loved her use of materials and sense of balance.

Teresa Cole aka Teresa Green is my old show buddy and it was great to spend time with her over the long weekend as well as see her latest gorgeous hand printed purses, aprons and bags. 

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